Without real 􀀠me interacve between the stakeholders in industry, government and academia, much of the awareness will be theore􀀠cal. Asia Avia􀀠on Associates along with infraLOG recognizes the philosophy that hitherto second cousins in terms of ease of doing business, infrastructure, facili􀀠es, procedures, processes, the II and III 􀀠er ci􀀠es and towns are the actual growth centers in next 30 years. We organized 9 Regional and Na􀀠onal level Summits/Seminars at Chennai, Ludhiana, Ahmedabad, Kanpur, Bengaluru, NOIDA & New Delhi, As a “Forum of Professionals” we changed focus. CONFERENCES, SUMMITS, EVENTS Our Mo􀀈o – “Crea􀀎ng Wonders through Humans”

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